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Letter from the Land of Sinners

Forgiven by the selves that we have been, and learning to forgive.

4 February

I believe
...in being five minutes early for everything in my life.
...that the best part of living with someone is waking up after a nightmare and being spooned back to sleep.
...in eating low-fat, no-sugar-added soft serve with full-calorie hot fudge on top.
...that as a scientist, I am helping to save the world, even if most days it just feels like I'm a waste of oxygen.
...in reading both Nature and Cosmopolitan in the same day.
...that "MIT cheerleader" is not a contradiction in terms, and that you're a jerk for thinking that it is.
...in buying knockoff purses.
...that chocolate chip cookies are just the thing to fix a bad day in lab.
...that "The Soul's Superior instants/Occur to Her—alone—/When friend—and Earth's occasion/Have infinite withdrawn—" (Emily Dickinson)
...in true love, but I hate that I get sappy about it.
...that things are better when they're alphabetized.
...that room temperature should be at least 78F.
...in wearing capri pants instead of shorts, even when it's 100 degrees outside. And even when they're out of style.
...that you're never fully dressed without at least three kinds of lip balm stashed in different places on your person.
...that things are better when they're brightly colored.
...in making Excel spreadsheets to document every numeric trend in my life.
...that "without tenderness, we are in hell." (Adrienne Rich, Twenty-One Love Poems X)
...in sleeping in on the weekends.
...that being forced to be the center of attention is a thinly-veiled form of torture.
...that any dilemma in life can be illuminated by a well-timed molecular biology analogy.
...that some of my best thinking is done in the shower.

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